Iwatani cassette Fu master Slim CB-AS-1


Iwatani’s who made in 1969 the worlds first portable gas stove make the best portable gas stoves in the world and the CB-AS-1 is their thinnest portable gas stove! Only 74 mm. These cookers are made in Japan and imported to UK.

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Made by Iwatani a Japanese company that have been making since 1969 (when they made and installed the worlds first portable gas stove) some of the safest and most effiecient portable gas stoves in the world.

The cooker, unlike cheaper ones, has completely adjustable heat levels with 3.3kW (2,800kcal/h) when on full.
The gas container is held in place by a magnetic which is far safer than the levers which you find on cheaper cookers.

It has a automatically shut off the gas cylinder if the temperature rises too much.

Body size: 338 (width) × 272 (depth) × 84 (height) mm
Weight:about 1.2 kg
Maximum heating value: 3.3 kW (2800 kcal / h)
Made from: steel plate (electrostatic painting)
Gas consumption, approximately 236 g/h*
Continuous burn time, approximately 70 minutes*
Ignition system, piezo ignition system
Safety equipment, pressure sensing, safety equipment etc
Vessel removable, magnetic method
Country of origin, Japan

* Note the above specification is from Iwatani and the gas consumption should only be used as a guide.

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Weight 1.6 kg


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