Old Country with Jack Hargreaves – Series 1 on 4 PAL DVDs

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This is a unique opportunity to watch the last broadcast programmes with Jack Hargreaves at £2.00 per programme. These programmes were made for Channel 4 when it first started broadcasting in 1983 and although series 1 was broadcast twice series 2 & 3 were only broadcast once. These DVD€'s are made from the original 1 inch C format tapes by the producer and owner of the production company that made them for Channel 4.

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This is series one of three of Old Country€ produced by my company Lacewing Productions (the first two series) which became The Production Unit (the last series). They were only ever shown on Channel 4. Channel 4 had the rights to show the programmes twice but I am not sure if they ever showed them a second time.

None of this material has been used for anything else and a bit like “The Lost Episodes” the master tapes I sent to Channel 4 got lost until they turned up at the BFI.

I about a year ago talked firstly to Channel 4 about these and they informed me the programmes had been lodged at the BFI.

I then spoke to the BFI who also agreed to transfer the 1 inch C format tapes for me a high quality avi files from which the DVDs are being made.

These will only be available from me and I do not intend putting them out for general sale in places such as garden centers and book shops.

The contents:

Disc 1
Programme 1 Walking sticks /Hurdle maker
Programme 2 Mayfly trout/Todber stone
Programme 3 Stow Fair/Flat cart
Programme 4 Garden/Cut Mill
Programme 5 Harnessing a horse/Decent dog

Disc 2
Programme 6 SheepFair/Dabchick
Programme 7 Fishing rod/Morey’s lake

Programme 8 Tarrant valley/Circus
Programme 9 Lurchers/Rabbiting
Programme 10 Cutting up a pig

Disc 3
Programme 11 Downlands/Cattle Breeds
Programme 12 Trolley drive/Fiddleford Mill
Programme 13 Pony drift/Goats
Programme 14 Brittany spaniels
Programme 15 Bygones

Disc 4
Programme 16 Driving/Bygones
Programme 17 Steam plough/Terrier show
Programme 18 Pigeon/Sturminster Mill
Programme 19 Thatching reed/Hound show
Programme 20 Pack pony/Turk’s pond

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