Old Country with Jack Hargreaves – Series 2 on 4 PAL DVD’s

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This is a unique opportunity to watch the last broadcast programmes with Jack Hargreaves at £2.00 per programme. These programmes were made for Channel 4 when it first started broadcasting in 1983 and although series 1 was broadcast twice series 2 & 3 were only broadcast once. These DVD€’s are made from the original 1 inch C format tapes by the producer and owner of the production company that made them for Channel 4.

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This is series two of three of Old Country produced by my company Lacewing Productions (the first two series) which became The Production Unit (the last series). They were only ever shown on Channel 4. Channel 4 had the rights to show the programmes twice but I am not sure if they ever showed them a second time.

None of this material has been used for anything else and a bit like The Lost Episodes the master tapes I sent to Channel 4 got lost until they turned up at the BFI.

I about a year ago talked firstly to Channel 4 about these and they informed me the programmes had been lodged at the BFI.

I then spoke to the BFI who also agreed to transfer the 1 inch C format tapes for me to high quality avi files from which the DVDs are being be made.

These will only be available from me and I do not intend putting them out for general sale in places such as garden centers and book shops.

Disc 1
Prog 1 – Flapping /Harvest
Prog 2 – Blagdon Horse/Bass
Prog 3 – Grayling/Cart Building/Blacksmith
Prog 4 – Cart Painting/Butterflies
Prog 5 – Childrens Fishing Competition

Disc 2
Prog 6 – Cockles/Onions
Prog 7 – Foundry/Mackerel/Look See: Folly Tower
Prog 8 – Collar Maker/River Piddle
Prog 9 – Buttons/Turnout
Prog 10 – King’s Highway

Disc 3
Prog 11 – Steam Saw/Tench
Prog 12 – Barrelmaker/Onion Strings
Prog 13 – Birds & Mink/Pacing
Prog 14 – Two Lakes/Larmer Tree
Prog 15 – American Brook Trout/Trotting

Disc 4
Prog 16 – Rabbits/About the Countryside
Prog 17 – Deserted Village
Prog 18 – Cape Cart
Prog 19 – Plaice/Harness Racing
Prog 20 – Appleby Fair/Woolfe’s Climb


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